Traditional Products... Traditional Business Values.

Suffolk Barrel Products started the business of restoring and adapting Oak Barrels in the mid 80's quite by accident really. John Pipe had long had a fascination of all things wooden and in particular Oak Barrels due to John's many years in the licensing trade.

As a young man John served an apprenticeship to become a precision toolmaker, these skills stood him in good stead later in life when he started thinking of turning his love for Oak Barrels into a business. John was very lucky to have a qualified Cooper friend to teach him the rare skills of making and working with Oak Barrels.

Today, Suffolk Barrel Products is run by John and his wife Jill, as a couple John and Jill both deal with the customers and the business side of things, both John and Jill still take a hands on role of working with the barrels.

Taking delivery every month of hundreds of barrels, the business has gone from strength to strength and has surprised even John. Much of this is down to the way he and Jill conducts business with their customers, John Explains... "We offer all the modern contact methods like this website and buying online, but unlike other barrel suppliers who simply buy a barrel and sell it on, from us you get a traditional business service, we're at the end of the phone for help and assistance during and after your purchase".

John says..."when it comes to water conservation and storage in domestic properties of discerning gardeners, there really is no replacement for a traditional Oak Barrel, a typical roof will shed 10'000 gallons of water in an average rainfall year, you find that anyone with any sort of taste does not buy plastic ones".

As well as the products most people will associate with Oak Barrels John and his team also convert them to make garden hot tubs, dog kennels and amazing water features to name just a few, some customers have even purchased giant barrels to convert into children's wendy houses.

If you have an idea of a product you would like making that's not shown on the website, simply contact me, John Pipe from the contacts page or call me on 01787 247600.